Im soo feelin’ this.. check i t!!


Would you lie 

Here with me?

With your skin as warm as I imagined it w

ould be,

If I fell asleep in your nude bliss,

Could this memory compete 

With the fantasy I’ve concieved 

of your lips?

I haven’t forgotten 

In all in these days 

To make room here for you.

At night,

I think I hear you bare feet pounding the floors.

As you lie elsewhere,

I wonder:

Who could love you more?

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Where have you been…(all my life)????

so these are the words Im sure you’ve all been asking…


If you have’nt I sure have… It’s been several weeks since my last REAL post. but Im back.. ad Inspired (with a Vengance)..                                                 style me bruce wilis


I’ve been really paying attention to the daily weather. and inspired by looks and feels of the spring/ summer…


Style me pink & Grey PINK has been my color of choice for the past couple of weeks.. it can be rocked in SOOOO MANY WAYS….


Style Me pink vans  Casual, chic, trend, just plain chill… and I have been wearin’ it  out!!                                                                                              style me slick prep


When sportin’ a “daring” or “uncoventional’ color.. remember to start small with ‘pop’s’ of color… like cuff links…


CPinkMirrorCuffs 1950 or maybe a an accessory like a tie or even socks… and once you feel comfortable ( and everyone else has stopped giving you s–t about it)…



JUST GO FOR IT….    Nick ALWAYS does !!!!



Its About Time…

44933d6445c82b9b3612e0abf0d24ba3. So for me its always been about the accessory… A watch is themost understated accessory a man can wear…It can set the tone for your chtachter, your personal style , or just the right ‘note’ to your daily style symphony!!



So if you caught my Monday post.. you probably noticed I haven’t been exactly inspired…

The whole idea for starting this blog was to inspire and be inspired by Fashion, Style and the opportunity to share some of mine with you…

So until I get back on the wagon… enjoy the pics.. and do your thing… hopefully it will re-inspire me!!

style me auto The best way to get back is to ride in style…… what do you think???

Style Me bag Dior HommeNot ALL BAGS ARE (created) EQUAL!!


style me casual prep satying true to the season.. and the trend… ‘coloured’ trousers are the ‘New New’


Style Me plaid bottomsI find that nothing beats a daring man in plaid bottoms!!!…. go ahead.. I dare you…..


style me messengerAccessories ensure success ( or at least make you feel important)


style me jack purcellAny JACK (PURCELL) any where and any time will always be appropriate….


style me classic car so keep looking the part.. and who knows where the (style) road will take you…… I guarantee you will arrive in STYLE!



style me closetstyle me closet

This tends to happen to me arounnd 7:30- 8:00 every Sunday eve…..

I start to think about the next day…. and the week that follows… Immediately I begin going through my head for ideas on what to wear… what look I am feelin’… and what the week holds…

style me bow tie comboTypically I rack my brains a for a few hours labouring over looks and style options to ensure I am ready….

style me shoe options

Take a glimpse….


style me double breastedstyle me double breasted

Double Breasted is the New Chic…….



style me workers bag

Add a Distressed Workman’s bag to your look for a downtown feel…..


style me blu & yellowstyle me geezer plaid coolWeson Wells for Esquire Magazine; www.westonwells.comFinal looks are always personal….. go for what you know… and how you feel……


Monday Blues can be quite cool!!!!



The Peacock Effect | Redefining The Middle-Aged Man

Project 40

New Picture (1)

We need a broader definition of what being a man is. I remember a female friend of mine many years ago trying to figure me out. She came to the conclusion that I was either a player or gay. I didn’t fit into her predetermined box of manliness. Why? Because I dressed well. Can you imagine that? Those were my two options. It wasn’t enough just to want to look good, there had to be something more to it… some other motivation. So I guess if I dressed like a slob I would be perceived as a heterosexual who respected monogamy. Good thing I’m not neat or it would be case closed.

I hate being put in a box like that. But that comment stuck with me and affected me in different ways over the years.

I remembered the comment as I read a blog post from a US military…

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