Weekend or not….

Remember back back in the day we had work clothes and then we had  play clothes…. It was a distinctive difference based on color, pant lengths,  fabric choices, etc… but we’ve come a long way baby..

style me seersucker Seersucker in the past was thought to be appropriate ONLY as casual Golf and Country Club attire….  seen typicaly in blue & white.. nowmcomes in an array of colors from blue, green, yellow, brown, orange.. paired with madras or linen (fabrics) this once casual look has been brought into a level of formality and acceptability( is that even a word) in the office or workplace..

                                                                                                                    style me seersucker color

Speaking of color.. remember back back back in the day (actually just like the last 2 years) when men were not ALLOWED to wear ANY color at work accept Navy Blue, Charcoal Grey, Brown, and Beige.. unless  of course it was as shirt (in pink, blue, yellow and SOMETMES lavender) paired with these colors…  again,  my how times have changed…

      Style me Green pants     Right now I am so feeling Bold colored trousers…. bringing a sense of style surprise to your wardrobe and to the workplace….

                                                                                             style me pants orange  

If you check the streets you’ll see there are no boundaries to whats acceptable and what can be done with fashion as long as you infuse an element of style. Check the theme by pairing the bright daring color (pants) with a darker or muted color(jacket)… accessorize with a light colored shirt and be creative with the tie..make it your own…   

style me blazer plaidPlaid IS ALWAYS WELCOMED.. so as I always say…. keep ’em guessing and have Fun!!!!


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